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It’s your bike so make it yours! Don’t be another mail order, boxed and shipped bike! Build that beast you dream about at night! The one that won’t let you sleep while you lay there tossing and turning! Dreaming about the monster berms you could be shredding or the sick whips flashing through your mind! Here at BTR we custom paint frames, forks, bars, stems, chainrings and any other part you can stick on a bike! We are a full service bike build and repair shop. We proudly offer nothing but the best parts and components in the industry! Are you ready to make that dream bike a reality?


TUNE - To adjust or adapt to a particular purpose or situation in order to achieve precise functionality.

MTB geometry, suspension and components have advanced incredibly in the past few years. Setting up each point can be a little overwhelming and It’s easy to get lost in the “worm holes” of bike set up. Here at BTR we take the time to personalize the bike to the rider. We teach you how to maintain these settings so that you can focus on what’s really important...THE RIDE!


We don't only build and tune bikes. We ride and race